The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner

How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

Curious how we arranged our stress-free trip to the Azores?

Planning a vacation is exciting and time-consuming at the same time. It is no different for the Azores.  All islands beckon with a whole range of beautiful sights and exciting new experiences.  Despite the fact that the islands are a stone's throw from each other, they each have their own appearance.

It is a little overwhelming at first.

Our first trip to the Azores was one of three weeks.  We thought 3 weeks would give us plenty of time to see everything.  Boy, were we wrong…  It was a fantastic trip, jam-packed with incredible sights and activities, but we didn’t have enough time to tick off our entire bucket list.

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner: How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

14.97 USD

This planner is for you if....

  • You always wanted to travel to the Azores on your own but didn’t know where to start...
  • You feel overwhelmed by what there is to do and to see in the Azores....
  • You’re wondering what to pack and take with you to the Azores...
  • You’re wondering which islands to visit

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner: How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

14.97 USD

Azores Travel Planner

Here is how our Azores travel planner will help you to plan your dream trip to the Azores.

  • We’ve mapped all preparations on a timeline so you know what to do and when to do it.
  • Overwhelmed by the many highlights of the different islands? This document includes itinerary planners for all 9 islands of the archipelago.
  • Not sure which islands to visit? Thanks to the detailed itinerary planners and the pre-filled photo bucket lists you will know exactly what there is to see and do on each island in the blink of an eye.
  • We have also included some useful checklist for your planning and packing. These lists will ensure you arrive in the Azores with everything you need without overpacking.
  • Don’t lose sleep over your budget. The included budget and expense sheets mean that you can keep track of how much you spend during your planning as well as in the Azores.

The benefits don’t stop there. This document is also created to take with you to the Azores. Write down your carefully crafted Azores planning on the provided pages and use them as a guide during your trip.

In the blink of an eye, you will be able to retrieve all the crucial information about your vacation.

Detailed list of everything included in this Azores Travel Planner

  • Daily Planner – Outline your everyday plans and take them with you on vacation so you don’t miss any of the sights you absolutely want to see
  • Budget Planner – Keep track of your budget while planning
  • Expense tracker – Note your daily expenses while traveling and avoid nasty expensive surprises when back home
  • Travel checklist mapped against a timeline – Follow this checklist and forget about those stressful days in the run-up to your vacation.
  • Itinerary planners for every island – We brought together all key sights of every island in a handy one-page overview to help you with your planning.
  • Share your travel plans with your loved ones who stay at home – let them know where you are and how to contact you if needed
  • Useful Portuguese Phrases – A selection of useful Portuguese expressions to interact with the locals in a courteous and polite way. Useful if you need directions to your hotel, the sights, or if you want to know how it is to live on these fabulous islands.
  • Packing List for your Azores trip – Use this packing list and you’re sure to arrive on the Azores with everything you might need.
  • Outfit Planner – Are you a serial overpacker? Use this sheet to plan your outfits so you know exactly what clothes and shoes you will need to stuff in that suitcase.
  • Emergency contacts – Write down all emergency contacts on this paper and you will have them within easy reach whenever something might happen. We pre-filled the local emergency numbers for you.
  • Photo Bucket List – Are you an avid photographer? Use this sheet to start keeping track of those iconic photo locations before you even set foot on the islands.
  • Food Bucket List – Foodies will also want to taste the local specialties and will be amazed by the many different home-grown cheeses. Are you looking forward to taste all those delicious dishes? Make a note of everything you want to taste and make reservations in your favorite restaurants.

This is an editable PDF. Depending on your preference you can complete everything digitally or print the templates.

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The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner: How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

14.97 USD


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The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner

The Ultimate Azores Trip Planner: How to design a dream trip to the Azores without stress

14.97 USD